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If you have been missing the band, The Marlowes, fear not, former founder member John Larson has released a rather fine debut album, "Songs About Music" and will begin recording the follow up this year. We think that this debut is a pretty fine affair and look forward to hearing more later this year.”

Ice Cream Man Power Pop Blogspot

As long time frontman forĀ  The Marlowes, John Larson has plenty of stories about life as working musician. With the help of his bandmate Justin Capaldi and Mick Chorba (The Dispomaniacs), he puts these observations in his new solo LP.Read more...


John Larson writes and plays classic power-pop, country, and Paul Simon-like soul stirrers with equal ease.Read more...

Pop Geek Heaven

If you love Replacements-inspired, rootsy pop rock (with the emphasis on pop), then this is definitely for you!Read more...

Kool Kat Musik

Sugarbursts & Thunderbolts is certainly remarkable roots-inflected power-pop. Songs like the terrific opener "Because of a Girl," the ripping, Cheap Trick upstrokes of "Brighton Rock Candy Summer," the Monkees-ish guitar line of "Clown College Reunion," and the Eric Carmen-inspired ballad that closes the album, "A New Kind of Weather," all make for a complete and satisfying listen. Through it all there are lots of ups, downs, ebbing, flowing, and great, danceable vibes.Read more...

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