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Whoever said rock and roll is dead forgot to tell John Larson and The Silver Fields. Glimpses, the Providence, Rhode Island-based band’s second full length album is proof positive that melody and musicianship is always in vogue.


Armed with a battalion of guitars, soaring harmonies and a commitment to all things melodic, Larson and his band make music for those who prefer the power in their pop. 

Recorded primarily at Producer Anthony Franco’s Motion State Studio in Foster, Rhode Island, USA, the 12-song opus kicks off with the punky “Class Actions”—a keenly observed commentary on the continuously growing divide between society’s “haves and have nots.” “Ramona Ramone” recounts an imaginary musical encounter at a Boston nightclub. “Celebrity Sighting” conjures up a squirrely New Wave guitar line to introduce this wry observation about the infamous among us. The album’s first single, “Madison Valley Road,” is a bittersweet look back at the protagonist’s youth: “Fridays by the river with “Candy-O” blaring from the speakers of my GTO. Young hearts moving in stereo.”


The rest of the songs range from jangly power pop—“Fix It In The Mix and “Lost Time” to crunchy rockers—“Now I Know,” “Dusted and Done,” “Glimpses” and “Girl In The Band.” The album closes with the meditative “Why Can’t Every Day Be Like This One?” This musical outlier features Beach Boys’ inspired harmonies, soaring strings and a chorus that will stick with you for days.


Larson is the former front man and principal songwriter of the late Providence power pop band The Marlowes. That band stayed together for 10 years, toured the country and released four critically acclaimed full-length albums. The Silver Fields are Larson’s next step in his winding musical journey. Former Marlowes’ guitarists Bill Jette and David Richardson are continuing the adventure with him. The Silver Fields also include John Simpson on bass and Angelo Franco on drums.